Team members


I am Ghaidaa Khan, a computer science student, but that’s not everything about me. I am self defined explorer and I love to learn a new thing everyday if it's possible, Just like you!


Greeting fellow humans! Bashayer is here. A barista by morning, Advertisment student by noon and a fairy by night ;) i make magic happen.


Hello everyone! My names Rodeen and i don't like writing about myself. I love watching Disney movies and cartoons all day. oh, and i'm a college student too.


My name is Monier Daghistani, I’m an architecture student. I have a lot of interest in the animal world and in the environment. I believe that we can help make the world a better place one small step at a time.



hi, my name is Turki, I am a self-taught programmer, tech entrepreneur, feminist, minimalist, and vegan. I love to work every day while listening to electrical music, and I love to dance too.

Renad Alorri